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Version History

Version 3.1.0

This was a BIG update for us, so please take some time to familiarize yourself with all of the new features and fixes below. As always, the CAPS team is striving to make your online experience with us better so please continue sending us your feedback and suggestions!

The following new features were implemented:

  • When a Provider User logs in if they don’t have Provider associated with their account, they get an error message in the “Set Location” page
  • Added advanced search back into Attendance History page
  • Added advanced search back into Remittance Statement page
  • Added Paging to
    • Admin Dashboard: Provider Management page
    • Admin Dashboard: Provider User Management
    • Admin Dashboard: System User Management
    • Attendance: History
    • Remittance: History
  • Email validation on Reset Password page
  • Updated date format to match application format convention in Certificates page
  • Added Notification Hub page
    • Added Create Notification page
    • Added Edit Notification page
  • Added Criteria Targeting to Notifications
  • Added home page messages
  • In Admin Dashboard and User sub-pages, added User Management capabilities
  • Implemented User disabling
  • Under Admin Dashboard > Provider User Management added Inactive Provider Users Page
  • In Admin Dashboard and System User pages, added Create New User capability
  • Added Training Video page
  • Adding “You’re almost done” message in Attendance and Grant Attendance Verification pages
  • Implemented account disable throughout application based on Disable Action Code and Provider Action Code records
  • Added Form 77 pdf download to Certificate page
  • Added Owner’s Name to Provider Dashboard

The following issues were fixed:

  • When there isn’t at least one record in the UserProvider table with a MAINUSERPROVIDER field value of 1, users cannot login
  • In the Attendance verification page, the text displaying the care provided days was displaying incorrectly
  • Printing pages while using Chrome wouldn’t print all pages in page list
  • In Attendance index page, Continue Incomplete Week list isn’t accurate
  • Filter in Active Certificates page isn’t working properly, filtering is using SUBMITDATE column instead of NOCARE column
  • Grant Week submittal allows weeks to be submitted without a value